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computer diploma

Course Code 001

Modules: Fundamental of Computer

Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS DOS), Internal Commands, External Commands, Batch File. MS Windows 98/XP/VISTA

Windows concept, Features, Desktop, Start Menu, MY Computer, Recycle Bin, Keyboard Shortcuts, Windows Accessories :(Notepad, WordPad, MS Paint, Calculator etc.) Windows Explorer, Entertainment (CD player, Media Player), System Tools, OLE, Concept of Networking.

Ms Office

Ms Words: Concept of Word Processing, Introduction to MS Word, Features, Keyboard Shortcut, Editing & Formatting document, Table, Advance Features of MS Word, Mail merge, Macro.

Ms Excel: Worksheet basics, Working with Formulas and Cell Referencing Auto sum Formatting to Worksheet, Previewing and printing Worksheet, Goal seek, Validation, Graphs and Charts, Functions, Macro, Sorting, Filtering.

Ms Access: concept of database, DBMS & RDBMS, Table, Sorting and Filtering, Relationship between Tables, Query, Form, Report, Macro, Database Security.

Ms PowerPoint: Introduction, Use of Standard, Formatting, Drawing Toolbars, Editing Slides, Changing templates, Slide Layout, Inserting Clipart, Sound and Movies Into Slides.

Internet, E-mail & Multimedia: Introduction to Internet, E-mail and Multimedia, Concept of HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) Assignment, Project on Data Entry & Editing Work.

Ms Front Page: Introduction, use of standard formatting toolbars, creating web page/publishing web page using Ms FrontPage

Duration: Six Months

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