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long term course
Course Placement Scope
DCA Computer Operator, Office Assistant, Data Entry Operator, Teaching Faculty
CFA Accounts Executive
CCA Computer Operator
DFA Accounts Executive, Computer Operator Data Entry Operator,Teaching Faculty, Tax Preparer
DDTP Computer Operator, DTP Operators in Press Advertising AgenciesDigital Studios/Offices
DHT System Specialist, Hardware Assistant, System Sales & ServicesExecutive
ADHT Network Administrator, system Engineer, Hardware Professional, System Sales & Services Executive
DCP Programmer Assistant, Junior Programmer Analyst, Training Faculty
HDCA Office Assistant, Teaching Faculty, Junior Programmer, Analyst Training Faculty
DAP Programmer/Analyst, Database Administrator, Training Faculty
HDAP Junior/Senior Programmer Data Administrator /Analyst
ADIT Designer for small and large Application/Senior Programmer Data Administrator /Analyst
ADCA Computer Operator, Accounts Executive, DTP Operators in Press, Advertising Agencies, Digital Studios/Offices
DCT Office Assistant, Customer Care Executive, Call Center Executive and various scope in Press and Publication in Print and Electronic Media
DMM Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Cartoonist/Event Creator, Moviemaker
DWD Web Designer
DOM Office Manager, Accountant, Executive
DFT Fashion Designer
HDIT Specialized for Bank P.O. Aspirants
DID Interior Decorator
DAA Accounts Officer, Tax Preparer
MDM Graphic Designer, Visualize, Video Editor
DG Special Effects Artist, Various Jobs in 3-D Animation
DGVM Flash Animation, Character Animation, Sound Editor,
ADGA Art Director, Video Production Manager, etc.
DCAT Computer Teacher, Programmer, Office Assistant, Accounts Executive, DTP Operator, Data Administrator / Analyst
IDBFM Accountant, Tax Preparer, Portfolio Manager
MSDP Senior Executive, Manager, Supervisors / Superintendents in offices, Section Officer.
IDCOM Business Marketing, General Accounting, E-Business & E-Trading, Insurance Sector, Mutual Funds, Relationship Banking, Smart Trading
ADMG Advance Diploma in Multimedia 3D Graphics
MDIT Master Diploma in Information Technology
CCC Certificate in Computer Concept
DCC Diploma in Computer Concept

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